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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Urban Decay Review

Hi makeup gals! :)  So about a month or so ago I saw that Urban Decay was on sale on  I've been a member of that site for quite some time, but never ordered anything.  In case you don't know what hautelook is, it's a website that sells high end and designer products for really reduced prices.  I got a great deal on some things from Urban Decay, and I thought I would review them on here for you and tell you whether or not I would buy them for full price (remember, I'm a cheap-o lol).  So here is a pic of the products I purchased:

Before I begin my review, I'll first tell you what the products are, the original price, and the discounted price on the website.
From the left:
1. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lipgloss in Julio
    Original price: $19
    Discount price: $5

2. Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow in Purple Haze
    Original price: $17
    Discount price: $5

3. Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer in Body Guard
    Original price: $30
    Discount price: $10

So...yeah...that's pretty much an unbeatable deal, right?  I was super excited.  If  you purchase from hautelook, I will warn you...shipping takes forever.  I had heard that from other people as well.  I ordered   the products at the beginning of the month, and it arrived like 3 weeks later.
  So, we'll start off with a review of the tinted moisturizer.  Here is a pic of some of the product on my hand:

Now of course, it won't be this opaque when you spread it across your skin, but this is just to give you an idea of the consistency.

Now I'm going to show you a pic of me with absolutely no makeup on so that you'll be able to see the true coverage of the product.  Here goes:

Now here is a pic of me with just the tinted moisturizer on, no concealer or any other products.
As you can (hopefully) see, it did help to further even out my skin tone and reduce the darkness under my eyes.  Of course my flaws still need extra concealing, but for a tinted moisturizer I think this is pretty good.  Just to show you how well it works with concealer and powder, here is a pic of my finished face.
Bottom line: Would I pay full price for this product?  *Sigh* I'm all about saving money.....I can't justify paying $30 for a tinted moisturizer.  I just can't do it.  A high end foundation....maybe.  I do really love this product, and I would absolutely repurchase it.....but only if it's on sale. :)

Next I got a really pretty purple eyeshadow called Purple Haze.  It has good pigmentation and blends soooo easily!  It can be worn sheered out, which creates a bright fuschia shade.  Or it can be layered to get the shade you see in the pan.  Here is a swatch for you:

Here I have this shade applied to my crease area.

Bottom line: Awesome awesome shadow.  I love it!  But again, I'll just wait to catch the shadows on sale.  Even MAC eyeshadows are cheaper than $17! :)

Ok, last and least is the Pocket Rocket lipgloss.  I do have to say that the packaging is adorable.  Each shade has a different little guy on the lid and if you turn it a certain way, he goes from being fully clothed to being in his underwear! Lol...kinda funny.  The shade I have is called Julio and it's a white/clear color with beautiful tiny glitters in it.  It's a gorgeous lipgloss, has a nice texture, and looks really pretty on the lips.  However, I can't stand to wear it because of the smell.  Omg.  My friend, Kristen, helped me to pinpoint the smell of this lipgloss.  Imagine the scent of burnt marshmallows.  It's just really really bad, and I totally can't even bear it.  I was so disappointed.  I can't say that all of these lipglosses smell this way, because this is the only one I've ever tried.  But yeah, I would definitely pass on this.  I couldn't even find anyone to give it to because they couldn't handle the smell either!  But just to show you how pretty it really is, here is a swatch of it on my hand and also one on my lips.

Haha....threw that last one in there for ya. :)
Bottom line: I don't think you even have to ask.
Even though some are hits and some are misses, here is a pic of all the products working together to get the final look:
I hope you found this review helpful!  Thanks so much for reading!!!

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  1. Thanks for the review! Now I wanna go smell the lipgloss to see if I can handle it! I like marshmallows, but I don't know about burnt. I look at haute look everyday and put things in my cart and can't bring myself to spend the money. I am way cheaper than you. I am still so pissed about the person that stole your MacBook! Seriously, what is this world coming to? If I had the money to give you one I would. Just remember, God only puts on us, what we can handle and obviously you are very strong. Hope you are well...tty :)