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Monday, June 27, 2011

Venting my frustrations :(

Hello my fellow makeup lovers! Even though this is a blog mostly about beauty related topics, I think every now and then I may need to use this space to vent or just share a few things here and there about my personal life. So I just had a really bad weekend. Like really bad. I mean things can always be worse, but still...ok you're probably wishing I would just get on with it and spill, right? Well here this past saturday started out great, just like most of my Saturdays. My fiancée and I lounged by the pool, soaked up some rays, and then headed about an hour out of our hometown to meet up with his family for a birthday celebration dinner. Awesome right? Well we decided to do some shopping before dinner. I have been planning for seriously like 2 months to bite the bullet and get myself a MacBook pro so that I can have awesome quality makeup videos and do some really cool editing. So here I go into the Apple store, purchase the one I've had my eye on, and we leave just as happy as two pigs in a blanket. :) we still had some time before the rest of our crew arrived so we decided to do a bit more shopping. My new computer was all wrapped up in a plain white bag, and was nestled safely down in the floorboard of the car. After making sure the doors were locked and everything was in place we headed on into Marshall's. Scott (my fiancee) shopped for about 10 minutes and realized he left his checkbook in his car. He went out to get it to pay for his stuff and realized he couldn't find his blackberry. Soon I joined the frantic search and we came to the horrible realization that his cell phone and my brand new unopened MacBook had been stolen! And of course the security camera had been pointed away and didn't capture the thieves. After waiting outside our car for 2 hours a police officer finally showed up and took our report. So we missed the birthday dinner, and we didn't get back home until well after midnight...we walked through the door tired, dirty, and defeated. My heart was broken and we felt kind of....vulnerable. I mean a complete stranger waited until we were in the store, popped the locks on our car and took our belongings in probably under a minute. I've been trying to put things in perspective....I mean at least no one took my most valuable belonging, which would of course be my precious baby, Sammy. And I still have my engagement ri g Scott gave me last month. And we ourselves weren't hurt or threatened in the process. But it still sucks majorly. Thieves make me sick. I work extremely hard at a very high stress environment. And I do that for a reason, which is to pay my bills and have the ability to buy myself things I want. Like a new computer. Ok I'm not going to get myself going too much, but it just sickens me that I workEd so hard and saved for that computer and someone felt they could take it upon themselves to just....take it. And same goes for the phone. Ugh.....I know things could be a lot worse, but it's just bad. When the time comes for me to go get yet another MacBook pro, it's going to be my last stop of the day and when I'm walking out of the store, if anyone looks at me twice I'll be ready to break their legs! Lol, ok so I'm not really that tough. But let's not tempt fate! Haha thanks anyway for listening! I feel slightly better.....:)

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  1. I just recently discovered your blog and I love it! You are so gorgeous and talented! I am a true believer in karma, and these people will get what's coming to them. It sickens me that those of us work so hard for what we have, and these losers just steal it away! It's hard enough to go make a expensive purchase, but to have it stolen that day before you even got to use it?! Grrr! You worked for that and nobody deserves to have their belongings taken. I see this is an older post, but I hope they were caught somehow! Maybe they were dumb enough to list it on Craigslist?! I feel your pain! When I was in high school, our house was robbed. Then in college, my Honda was stolen from my own driveway twice within 3 months! I hope you have a new Mac now, and that everything is better!!! Ill be following your blog, its great!!!