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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Drugstore foundation combo for a flawless look!

I recently slacked off a bit with my self tanning routine, and while looking through my collection to find a match for my lighter skin I stumbled across this combo. I absolutely love it! It's Maybelline Superstay and Neutrogena Healthy Skin. Superstay is very matte and Healthy Skin has a bit if a Dewey finish so the end result is perfect! Also the beauty blender applied them so beautifully! 
From left: beauty blender, Maybelline Superstay Natural Beige, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Nude, NYX Natural blush, Milani Multitasker powder, and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer. I forgot to include my concealer but I used Mac Prolongwear nw20:)


  1. I love your makeup.

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  2. Casey,

    Hey! I have just discovered you! Best thing ever! I'm working my way through your videos and picking up a lot of tips. You are extremely helpful and inspiring. I have a request for making small eyes appear bigger. will you help me out and do a look like that? I would appreciate it. I have a growing make up collection and need some more guidance. You are definitely helping to make everything less confusing. Thanks for being amazing!

    Dani Y

  3. Been watching your YouTube channel for a while, and recently started reading your blog! You're an amazing guru and so helpful! I've bought quite a few products off of your recommendations, and loved them all so far. Thanks for taking the time to post on your blog and YouTube channel!