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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kim K Inspired Smokey Gray!

Hi everybody!  I wanted to share this look with you....totally coincidental, but it reminds me of Kim Kardashian....I know some people are sick of Kardashian inspired makeup, but there are still a few of us out there who indulge our guilty pleasures! :)  For those of you, here you go!
Products Used:
Laura Gellar Spackle eye primer
NYX Smokey Kit palette
Coastal Scents 88 warm palette
NYX Slide on black liner
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara
Kiss lashes 03
Tarte Park Ave Princess bronzer
Milani Berry Amore blush
Mally liquid lipstick in Mally's Look


  1. You're makeup is simply stunning!

  2. Omg girl, I'm just now getting on here and seeing comments lol:) Thank you!

  3. Hi I am a fan of your youtube chanel and just found your blog. Which is the best way to subscribe? I don't have newsgator or the others, which is the best? Thanks!

    1. Hi Susannah! I think Google friend connect would be the easiest way, or by email. :) Thanks so much for stopping by! :)